Office Opening Hours: 




In light of the current situation, we have limited face-to-face meetings with our customers/clients, where such a meeting is necessary and we at Masters Solicitors are asking people not to come to the office without an appointment.

We are minimising the amount of client meetings held in our offices and limiting visitors to our offices and by restricting access to required visitors only. We would ask that you contact us by email to arrange a time to discuss your matter with you or to arrange an appointment. We make sure we stay close to the advice from the Government and to maintian social distancing at our premises, we strictly restrict entry to one visitor/client at a time. The visitors are also encouraged to use hand sanitiser when entering the premises.


We would also request that any correspondence and documentation is sent to us via email to avoid any delay with the post and to progress matters remotely. The best way to contact us is via email to:




We thank you for cooperation and patience during these difficult times.  We may change our current work practices following any updated announcements and advice from the Government and request you to monitor our website and Government advice regularly for an update.

Cyber fraud warning

Our email addresses end '@masterssolicitors.co.uk' and should not be confused with any other format. We have provided our Solicitors details in Our Team page.  Fraudsters may pose as someone from Masters Solicitors to involve public in a scam or a fraud.

Always check the sender’s e-mail address and do not open attachments unless you are sure the email is genuine.

This firm will never send you our bank account details within the body of an email only or an email attachment without also confirming these details by other means by the concerned fee earner/solicitor. Please note that we will not accept payment instructions from you by email alone. If you ever receive an email which appears to be from this firm asking you to make a payment to a bank or building society account specified in that email, irrespective of whether you have previously received those details from us by telephone or through the post, we encourage you to check the details with us immediately in the contact details shown on our website or our details in the Law Society website to verify the sender and account details. We also does not notify our Clients or Suppliers of a change in our bank account details by e-mail alone.  If this does happen, please contact our office immediately.

Any unexpected emails claiming to have been sent on behalf of us should be treated as highly suspicious and reported to contact@masterssolicitors.co.uk.

You could also contact the SRA ( Solicitors Regulatory Authority) to find out if individuals or firms are regulated and authorised by the SRA or verify from the Law Society's website about the solicitors/fee earners associated with our firm.





Providing You Knowledgeable Legal Advice

  Personalised | Multilingual | Affordable

Masters Solicitors believes in understanding your individual circumstances and providing the finest legal advice in all of your legal matters. As a reliable law firm  based in Dagenham, Masters Solicitors provides reliable services to the community. We leverage our professional insight and experience to our advice on legal matters pertaining to the following areas:




At Masters Solicitors, we have a team of experienced and qualified legal advisors who provide the best representation for a wide range of legal issues.  Our professionals are committed to providing legal services in the most caring and friendly manner

We are dedicated to assist  you with the most cost-effective solutions to your legal issues.

Unlike other law firms, Master Solicitors does not believe in one-size-fits-all legal solutions. We offer personalised services that are tailored to the precise needs and objectives of a client.

We understand that when it comes to legal matters that may significantly impact your life, you want to make the best decision for yourself, your beloved family, and your business. Therefore, when you choose Masters Solicitors as your preferred law firm, we place  your legal matters in the most competent hands that know how to represent your interests and handle the problems in an  efficient, seamless, and professional manner.

Our solicitors are fluent in multiple languages and therefore, able to understand your case better and provide tailored solutions that are in line with your specific goals. You can converse with our solicitors in:





Our solicitors never hesitate in going the extra mile to support and represent your best interests on your behalf. We are here to listen, support and give you a voice for your rights.

We are praised for our personalised attention and know how to care for our clients. We diligently work with clients to get satisfactory, positive results. Being a dedicated team of solicitors, we strive to provide a friendly atmosphere and tailor-made services to meet your individual needs. We have earned a reputation for our professionalism and achievements and pride ourselves on our friendly, approachable service.

We are authorised and regulated by Solicitors Regulation Authority No.622621